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Free Industrial Metallurgy Advice Support

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Unregulated Courses


Pathways to specific career progression are becoming available


Level 3 - Certificate in Metallurgy - available now


Level 4 - Higher Cert in Metallurgy

Bite-Size Options

Bite-Size Options are paired Elements taken from the main Modules which can be studied on their own right.  However, the paired Elements are to be undertaken in a sequential sequence of learning for full understanding.

M&C will be introducing to the curriculum:

Further Education into Higher Education

Certificate in Metallurgy & Casting 


Higher Education into Higher Qualification 

Higher Cert in Metallurgy & Casting - Level 4

Higher Diploma in Metallurgy & Casting - Level 5


Advanced Higher Diploma in Metallurgy & Casting - Level 6

about the programme

Each Module is designed for 200 guided learning hours

Industrial mentor's role

The Industrial Mentor is from the student's workplace

return to learn

Each student wil be required to go through our Return to Learn

Why is this course important

Metallurgy is perhaps the broadest of the scientific disciplines 


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