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March 2020 Student Applications

Limited Time Offer for Part Time  Industrial Mentor Students

We are offering a discount of £500 saving through to the end of June 2020 for the Industrial Mentor Training programme, reducing the price for this Module to £1,000 plus VAT per student.  This discount applies if your company enrols 2 students on our Certificate in Metallurgy - Pathways online course at the same time as enrolling for the Industrial Mentor course.  

The Industrial Mentor programme is ideal for employed part time students.

The Industrial Mentor programme and the Certificate in Metallurgy  course work in tandem with each other, where the Industrial Mentor plays a supportive role to their mentee's success on their course.


Role of the Industrial Mentor

To complement the student undertaking the Certificate in Metallurgy course, is our Independent Mentor Training Programme which is set at Level 5. 


If you are interested in mentoring in the workplace, our Mentor Training programme will teach you how to guide your mentees, advice on how to provide counselling to your mentees, if and when required, and the techniques on aiding your mentee with technical assistance throughout their course.


You will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring; you will extend your knowledge on the blended learning technique; you will learn how to give feedback effectively; you will further develop your listening skills and much more is included in this programme.


This Industrial Mentor is a mandatory requirement for employers to have in place which enhances the Certificate of Metallurgy student's learning experience and the Industrial Mentor is of huge benefit to the student who will provide their knowledge and experience to their mentee's mini work-based projects. 


The Industrial Mentor will be included in all stages of support for their mentee's learning experience ie mini work-based projects, learning contracts, coursework and assessments together with providing feedback which will aid the formal study assessment modules.

What our Industrial Mentor Students say about the mentors training programme 

"During this process I have been introduced to Bloom's taxonomy of learning, I can see how effective mentoring can encourage the student to learn at a higher level than they may otherwise be inclined. 


This can take the form of probing questions or asking the student to apply, analyse and evaluate their learning.  This should encourage a much deeper level of learning and understanding of the material."


Certificate in Metallurgy

Our online, academic-led, blended learning module course on Certificate in Metallurgy - Pathways is developed for part-time students to progress their careers working with metallurgy.

The part-time Certificate of Metallurgy course covers subject areas such as Heat Treatment, Mechanical Deformation Processes, Metallography, Standards and Failures and much more - the course is set at Level 3.


Take a look at the indicative content Certificate in Metallurgy.


Take a walk through our guided tour of our learning portal

Metallurgical Science 1 learning portal

Metallurgical Science 1 learning portal

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We are currently taking applications for a June/July pre-semester start both for the Independent Mentor Training Programme and the Certification in Metallurgy courses. 


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