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About the Programme

Each module is designed for 200 guided hours learning which equates to 20 credits Higher Education (HE) training and the Module Descriptors are based around the format used in the HE Sector.

Our Modules follow the QCF framework

We provide our students with a dynamic learning experience, embracing academic rigour and self-development by using their workplace as part of the tripartite learning; thereby providing a student-centred learning experience, geared to the individual progress for each part time student.

The modules are academic-led and the student will learn at their own pace whilst also meeting the submission dates.  Each element within each module have time restrictions to complete the assessments/assignments/mini work-based projects in order to finalise the modules within the 15 week programme.

Each Module may include residential/site visits to enhance the student’s learning experience and it is encouraged that their employers allow their student the time to attend.  This will give the student a more rounded experience complementing their training structure.

The Modules included in the Further Education (FE) to Higher Education (HE) programmes are:

Metallurgical Science 1 – Levels 2 & 3

Metallurgical Science 2 -  Level 3 – towards Level 4

Research Skills & Independent Study – Levels 3 & 4

Mathematics for Engineering 1- Introduction – Levels 2 & 3                                                           

Mathematics for Engineering 2 – Application into Metallurgy/Casting – Level 3 plus

If you have any questions about any of our Modules contact us at

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