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The Role of the Industrial Mentor

The Industrial Mentor (IM) is an individual from within the Student’s own company who will undertake the M&C’s Industrial Mentor training to enable the IM to support their student, both practically and academically.  The IM will have adequate mentoring skill qualities where the role will draw upon their experience and expertise to support the student’s learning and progress.


Each company will be required to nominate a person for the IM role, to maximise the success of the student learning experience.

The IM will be the main point of contact for their Company and liaising with their student’s allocated Academic, maximising the learning opportunities which exists in the workplace; developing the relationship between Company, the Student and M&C’s Academics.

The IM programme will also introduce and allow the Industrial Mentor to gain knowledge and hands on experience of academic process which will be required in Higher Education.  The IM will be included in all stages for supporting the student's learning experience ie Mini Work-Based Project, learning contracts, course work and assessments together with providing feedback which will aid the formal assessment of the modules of study.


The most important key point is the tripartite integration of the workplace into the development of academic knowledge within the programme and its application.


Each new IM will attend the Industrial Mentor training course and be allocated their own Academic (in some circumstances it may be the same Academic as their students).  The IM will support the student blended learning programme and alleviates the challenges students may have regarding self-study and independent learning.

The IM’s programme provides guidance and advice on their student’s Further Education and Higher Education qualifications supporting subject knowledge in the workplace environment.

Our modules follow the QCF framework

The modules are academic-led and the student will learn at their own pace to a certain extent.  Each element within the module have time restrictions to complete the assessments/assignments within the 30 week programme.

Each Industrial Mentor will have an opportunity to accompany their student on residential/site visits to enhance their learning experience to complement their training structure.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the methods of mentoring and bringing this knowledge into the workplace.

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