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Employer - College Partnerships - UKCME Report

Whilst Richard Brown was heading the Metallurgy Dept at Bradford College, the UK Centre for Materials Education conducted a Case Study on the work-based mentor concept, work-based projects and how these benefited the student and their employer through the development of distance learning and learning in the workplace.


2008 - March

Get talking - investing in metallography training

Metallography is the study of the microstructure of all types of metallic alloys. Using specialist techniques, scientists and engineers can observe and determine the chemical and atomic structure and spatial distribution of the constituents, grains, phases, or inclusions in metallic alloys.

So, is this a useful skill to understand more about? Of course. Companies need microscopy analysis to protect their products, especially if they are patented. They also need it to investigate why things fail if integrity and quality are sub-par.


2021 - April

Industrial mentor training within metallurgy and the broader spectrum

Our Article balances out the benefits and advantages to mentoring in the workplace.

M&C are offering a discount on the Industrial Mentor Training Programme if 2 students undertake our Metallurgy course at the same time.

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2020 - March

Metallurgy in the UK

The state of metallurgy training in the UK is dire, with very few organisations providing the opportunity for students to gain approved CPD training. This is even lower for part-time and employed positions in metal work, as so few institutes are able to progress to regulated qualifications and have their own degrees available, in collaboration with a university partner.

In the last four years there have been little opportunities for employed, part-time students to progress their studies to higher education level in metallurgy. This actively increases the skills gap and puts the sector at risk of shrinking.


2018 - November

Whence metallurgists?

At a recent meeting with CHTA, Richard gave a presentation to the Management Committee and Training Subcommittee on M&C's Metallurgy Training and an overview on our non-financial 'Stakeholder'.

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2020 - January

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