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Level 3 Engineering Technician

Metallurgical Science 1

Course Overview

The programme is designed to introduce relevant Metallurgical Science to equip your engineers for part time learning, with a subject knowledge and how it applies to the areas of Metallurgy and Casting.  The engineer will become confident at Level 3 in the Metallurgy Pathway developing their skillset and knowledge to achieve a successful career in their discipline.

This Module prepares the engineer to develop their understanding and knowledge of metallurgical sciences with relevant metallurgical scientific principles which are present in various industrial processes.

It will extend your engineer's knowledge in metallurgical sciences linked to the academic programme and vocational field within the Higher Educational environment.  Also supporting the development of independent evaluation by improved research and study skills.

Course Outline

Study Mode:  Online Blended Learning - Part Time

Location:   Visits to Regional Centres/West Yorkshire  

Duration:  12 Weeks - to run concurrently with the Mini Work-Based Project Module being 15 Weeks


Language:  English


Learning Hours:  200 guided hours


Start Date:  To be confirmed

Credit Value:  20

Course Content

Students will be supported throughout their distance/blended learning programme via their designated Lead Academic, web-conferencing facilities, workshops and their in-house Industrial Mentor.


Subject areas are:


Atom Structure and Unit Cells

Phase Diagrams

Mechanical Properties of Metal

An Introduction to Heat Treatment

Mechanical Deformation Processes

Casting Processes


Follow this link for the Course assignments criteria within Metallurgical Science 1

The full Module the Student will undertake a Mini Work-Based Project

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Entry Level

Students will be in full time employment within the industry some knowledge and experience of metallurgy processes.


Functional Skills in Mathematics and English (Level 2)

Students will provide a copy of their CV, qualifications and any other training certificates together with a letter of application explaining how the course will benefit them and their future career goals.  This information, along with visits to the workplace will be assessed by our Admissions Team.

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