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Success Through Partnerships Agenda

M&C is continuing building on the Managing Director's (Richard Brown) 30 years of knowledge, leadership, vision and hands-on experience within the Further and Higher Education Sectors.

In support of building upon their Success Through Partnerships agenda, Richard has brought his experience of working with employers to be one of the core elements for M&C to adhere to.  Richard was involved (whilst at Bradford College) in a Case Study which was undertaken by UKCME - Employer-College Partnerships in 2008.  At that time, he was involved in developing a Metallurgy and Materials Foundation Degree.  Here is a link to the UKCME's published report.

M&C are now taking this model further to continue ensuring that employers are fully backing the training for their employees and listening to the employers' educational requirement in the industry.

Listening to industry through partnerships with Stakeholders and our Advisory Board ensures that M&C will provide the educational programmes that the industry is lacking and to be at the correct level.

Through collaborative partnerships with the manufacturing industries, PEI's, Universities and Colleges and those who have a genuine interest in promoting Metallurgy as an educational requirement for employed part time students, M&C can help UK to eliminate its skills shortage in this sector.

M&C is committed to long-term educational requirements for part time students who are disadvantaged by their geographical location and lack of educational establishments providing metallurgy courses.  They have developed, and will continue to develop, appropriate courses and deliver these through online and distance learning.

M&C's module programmes will continue with the academic rigour you would expect from Universities and Colleges ensuring that standards are maintained and being effective for the 21st Century student learning.

Collaborating with appropriate organisations, M&C will form an alliance with them to develop industry-led training modules which are suitable and relevant for the manufactured industries' needs.

The 'Success Through Partnerships' agenda is to target the progress of providing the Engineering Manufacturing sector with appropriate and relevant qualifications which are 'fit for purpose' with the assistance of Stakeholders and the Industrial Employer Advisory Board.

M&C believe that their on-line, distant learning will bring educational training closer to those who are at a disadvantage.  Ensuring those in employment will receive the adequate training for them to progress their careers in today's world.

M&C Management Team

February 2020

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