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CALL TO ARMS - Metallurgy


Your Host
Richard Brown - MD
Principal Academic
Call to Arms - Metallurgy Webinar Wednesday, 24th February 2021 at 1.00pm UK Time

Richard is one of the founding members of M&C Educational Training Services Ltd., which is a private organisation providing educational opportunities for the Manufacturing Engineering Industries' workforce through 'Access and Bridging' learning programmes for those working with metals.

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist who gained his experience and practical knowledge within the industrial sector.

His passion is metallurgical failure investigation and metallurgical examinations, supporting and providing outcomes for internal and external customers.

Richard has transferred his workplace knowledge and application skills as a Metallurgical Technician and Metallurgist to become an Educationalist.  He strongly believes that to reduce the UK's 'skill gap' of metallurgists, it is paramount to have quality, academic-led educational programmes catering for this sector.

Richard and his M&C team have spent over 2 years developing Metallurgical module programmes, offering student learning experience through on-line, remote studying delivered by academics via webseminars/video conferencing. 

The student is supported through every step of their educational journey by their assigned Lead Academic, their Industrial Mentor and M&C's virtual learning platform aids with their studies.

Available now - Level 3 - Certificate in Metallurgy : Pathways (unregulated qualifications) 


In this interactive webinar Richard will enlighten you on M&C's market research outlining the industry's skills shortage for trained Metallurgists in the UK. 


He will cover in this presentation why we all need to pull together to upskill our metallurgists; how we have developed a platform for e-learning and Richard will touch on our new Certificate in Metallurgy Course.  Our next webinar will go more into depth on the course.

We are also looking for your help to provide evidence to the qualification regulators to confirm that the industry needs these qualifications and how you can help us and your industry.

Our courses are developed for e-learning which are available to all students, as long as they have access to the internet/WiFi to study part-time Metallurgical courses, to further their educational understanding on the properties and structure of metals for their career advancement.

This will be an interactive webinar where we hope to have a live Q&A session with attendees.

Who should attend:

This webinar is beneficial to those up have a vision to upskill their technicians and metallurgists who are working with metallurgical processes and reduce the UK'S SKILLS GAP.

It is also beneficial for those who are interested in the Certificate of Metallurgy course and would like to learn more about M&C.

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