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Level 3 - Engineering Technician

Metallurgical Science 3

Course Overview

Course Outline

Certificate in Metallurgy -  Optional Module 1.


Course Objective

The student will develop their subject knowledge and application skills and use the learning resources to a greater depth, supporting development of theory, practical, or other project-based activities to support and develop their own learning requirements.

Students will further develop their independent study skills and associated evaluation, along with improving their research skills.  They will use e-Learning and M&C learning materials along with their own research and resources.

This will extend the student's knowledge in the metallurgical sciences, linking to their academic programme and vocational field within the Higher Education setting.

Course Content

Students will choose from Modules already completed:


There are 3 Options to choose from in the Metallurgical Science 3 Module.


Choice Options:

Option 1:


An assignment developing more depth and breadth which is designed around the indicative content for the student to demonstrate the use of scientific principles covering the indicative content in the module.

The appropriate Learning Outcomes will be chosen by the student to be inline with their assignment and taken from the above-mentioned Modules.

Option 2:

This will include an assignment linking this to a Mini Work-Based Project (MWBP).


The student will go through the planning, studying and organising phase linking to the creating a Major WBP designed around the indicative content of the 3 modules mentioned above where students can demonstrate the use of scientific principles.


Students will choose from a combination of indicative content taken from the Metallurgical Science 1 & 2 and the Research and Independent Study Modules.


The planning, studying and organising will be undertaken within 4 weeks to create a MWBP format, with the Major WBP taking an additional 9 weeks to complete.  The student will use their workplace to apply the subject knowledge and application skills.


Three Learning Outcomes to be chosen by the student from the above-mentioned 3 Modules.


Option 3:

The student will undertake the Introductory Practical Metallography.  


Entry Level

Study Mode:  Online Blended Learning - Part Time

Location:   Visits to Regional Centres/West Yorkshire  

Duration:  15 Weeks

Language:  English


Learning Hours:  200 guided hours


Start Date:  To be confirmed


Credit Value: 20

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Students will be in full time employment within the industry some knowledge and experience of metallurgy processes.

To have undertaken Metallurgical Science 1 & 2 and Research Methods & Independent Study Modules and Mathematics for Engineering 1 & 2 or equivalent covering all the Modules assignments.

Students will provide a copy of their CV, qualifications and any other training certificates together with a letter of application explaining how the course will benefit them and their future career goals.  This information, along with visits to the workplace will be assessed by our Admissions Team.

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