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An Industrial Mentor doesn't just mentor...

They have empathy to support and develop their mentees by imparting their own knowledge.

An Industrial Mentor assists their employer to retain the talent they have and is a key role to the development of a section of the workforce.

"Mentoring is the art of facilitating the learning and development of others." - Downey (2001)

Having a good mentor in the workplace helps to nurture, cultivate and encourage the employee. It also requires time, commitment and listening skills to do this well, as Thomas Whiskin of ASAMS suggests in the video below.

A good mentoring programme helps the mentor develop their existing skills with the aim to improve their mentee's learning and development, using techniques such as; listening, questioning, clarifying during one-to-one sessions. We have structured our Industrial Mentor Training programme to provide you with the Mentoring Skills Toolkit you need to 'tune' into your mentee's concerns; helping you to become successful as a mentor.

To mentor effectively, we run your course parallel with your mentee's metallurgy course, so you have in depth knowledge of their assignments. You also have access to your own lead academic for assistance and guidance during your own course.

Throughout your course you will become equipped to provide the appropriate assistance to your mentee; you will build on their foundation through your existing skills, knowledge and expertise to aid them with their metallurgy assignments and workplace projects.

And, if you are chosen by your employer to undertake this key role, look at this as a privilege and honour that your company has provided you. They believe you have the right skill set and interpersonal skills to develop your mentee's learning objectives.

A good mentor will focus on developing their mentee, looking beyond their mentee's current job role but helping them to develop their career and also your own advanced mentoring skills, will be noticed and admired.

This is what your mentee will remember in years to come, how you have guided and assisted them to advance their career within the company and gain a better understanding of metallurgical processes.

Are you ready to take up this challenge? Let's talk!


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