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Metallurgical Investigation Technique Workshop

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

M&C, in conjunction with ECMS (Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills), are delivering a 4-Day and a 2-Day Metallography Investigation Technique Workshop which promises to enlighten you in the metallurgy investigation techniques.

Also available is our 3-day Introduction to Practical Metallography Investigations incorporating Heat Treatment Processes.

Details of the Workshop can be found by following the link here


And in case you are wondering whether one of these workshops is for you, we have received a Testimonial from Rahul who participated in this Workshop to give his point of view.

As you can see from his narrative, he was impressed with the amount of knowledge and skillset he has acquired from the Workshop, which are transferrable skills to take back to your workplace.

This is what Rahul has to say:

"On the 27th to the 28th January 2022 and 18th February 2022, I partook in a practical 3-day course in "Practical Metallography" run by M&C. The course was highly relevant to my job and took place at ECMS facilities at Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton, UK.

The first two days were an introduction to the course, being introduced to Colin Whorton who works at ECMS and oversaw parts of the training on the equipment, alongside Richard Brown from M&C providing guidance and knowledge regarding the course content.

Having been supplied with an unknown piece of material, it was up to us to analyze the metallurgical properties of the material using all the metallographic techniques available to us. This included a wide range of microscopes and visual examination tools, an automatic cut-off disc, hot mounting press, automatic grinding/polishing machine and etching facilities. There were also tools to allow us to observe fracture surfaces by inducing a small cut in a material using hacksaws and subsequently hammering the material causing fracture. The end of the day included a review of the findings and future learning aims.

The last day involved us bringing our own samples for analysis using all the facilities previously shown on the first two days. Being more confident allowed us to work more autonomously with the equipment, spending more investigative time on the samples we had chosen to examine. The day was concluded with what our key outcomes were and what we could examine further.

​Image 1 -

Inspecting the alpha grain structure and beta grain structure of brass through an etched sample at X500 magnification on an inverted microscope

Rahul continues:

"Overall, the course was highly enjoyable, and I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in metallurgy and would like to know the practical techniques used to analyze metallic materials. I think anyone with an engineering background who is curious about different material structures would also benefit from attending the course."

Image 2 -

Preparing a sample on a Struers LaboForce-100, a semi-automatic grinding and polishing machine that gives faster and reliable sample preparation.

Rahul Wadher


ASAMS Limited is an independent ISO 17025 UKAS accredited metals testing laboratory No. 0935 based in Great Yarmouth, offering services to multiple industries with a main focus on the oil and gas industry."


After reading Rahul's narrative and you are interested in attending M&C's 3-Day Metallurgy Investigation Technique Workshop, which is a hands-on event, then visit our page M&C Mini Training Courses (All) ( and register your interest.

From the many subject themes in this course, you will understand phase diagrams and how it relates to microstructure, learn about metallographic techniques and using the laboratory 'state of the art' metallographic equipment, understand the metallurgy of the microstructure of the sample materials which are visible under the microscope and much more.

So please join us at the University of Wolverhampton/ECMS on 10th and 11th November and continue for the 4-day course on 8th and 9th December to experience an interesting few days of discovering techniques to investigate metal failures in metals and alloys and plenty of discussions/debates.

All images contained in this blog are the copyright of M&C Educational Training Services Ltd.

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