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A student on our course doesn't just learn....

they evaluate how far they have come; reflecting on what they previously knew to how they have progressed throughout their course and feeling triumphant with what they have achieved so far.

As a part-time student with M&C, you will track your own development through self-assessments at the beginning and end of your module and maybe recording your thoughts in your student journal.

Keeping track of your development and creating targets, gives a clear and concise method to achieving the goals you set and designing yourself a pathway to work towards, step by step.

Your journal should also reflect how well you have done. Did you achieve the learning objectives set out in your assignment? Did you amend your assignment as your mentor and lead academic advised?

Self-praising your achievements, motivates you and sets your frame of mind.

Your Industrial Mentor is a person your company has identified as having exceptional interpersonal skills and will partake their experience and knowledge to their mentee. It is a person to whom a student can communicate with, who has a reputation for others to believe in, trust and listen to what they have to say.

The mentor's age is not a criterion consideration, but rather they are an expert in what they have achieved; they have gained the knowledge and experience to help learn and develop their mentee.

The right mentor is key to your success and will guide you through your course.

As a part-time student, our blended learning brings into the course, your workplace. Between you, your mentor and your employer, you will decide on your work-based project which will benefit your employer. Your lead academic will also ask questions to ensure this project will be advantageous to your company.

Your knowledge from your assignments will enhance your project, bringing this to life and to fruition, showcasing your acquired skills, increased confidence and your ability to undertake such project work, to your employers.

Our Certificate of Metallurgy - Pathways Level 3, is a course which will help you to expand on your knowledge and puts everything into perspective for you to develop your career pathway.

If you are interested in moving your career forward, let's talk!

email and tell us a little about yourself, your company and contact details


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