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ASAMS Ltd welcomes boost for the future of Metallurgy in UK

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

ASAMS Ltd welcomes the call from the M&C Educational Training Services to develop more qualifications in metallurgy which have been diminishing in the UK.

Currently, very few organisations offer an approved training programme in metallurgy, and the number is even lower when it comes to part-time and employed positions in metal work. Because of this lack of approved training, this actively increases the skills gap and puts the sector at risk of shrinking.

The only current alternatives that exist for student metallurgists are to provide on-the-job training with a CPD award or undertake a professional qualification.

Luckily, Richard Brown from the M&C sees an opportunity where the state of metallurgy in the UK can start to be revived. He suggests the creation of courses designed to fit the needs of and shape the future of the industry, based on experience.

Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) are designed either by the student alone or as part of an organisation to incorporate the long-term goals of the student, synthesise them with the larger educational framework, and give credence to the student’s aspirations, whether cultural, artistic, social or personal. This, in short, looks at what the individual and company need and their requirements to achieve this. It is a very attractive proposition to some employers as it considers the building blocks as core, with a flexible curriculum.

It is felt that the inclusion of the student and a mentor maximises the application of the knowledge and skills in the workplace. Mini work-based projects can also be incorporated which provide real-life work-based activities, benefiting both parties.

Such a project can be undertaken as part of a blended learning teaching method, embracing flexible, distance and eLearning, supported by face-to-face academic delivery and the use of video conferencing for individual and group tutorials supported by experienced academics.

ASAMS advocates the introduction of these courses from M&C that can really be the driver for improving the UK’s prospects in Metallurgy and Casting and supporting students who are looking to build a career in these fields.

Rahul Wadher- Metallurgist at ASAMS Ltd

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