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Trina Cutler-Brown

Company Secretary

Trina supports the company's decision making on financial and commercial activities together with the progress and development of the company.

Her background is predominately in the health sector which has meant that she continually needs to upgrade her own training which has led her to undertake the role of Physical Health Leader.  The responsibility in this role means that she must be efficient with a keen eye for detail ensuring the departments are checked and equipment is functioning correctly and in date.

Health and Safety is top of Trina's list, ensuring that security is not breached but at the same time encouraging persons in her care to be autonomous.

Trina supports new colleagues by induction and advising them of their security and health & safety procedures.

As an Instructor for blended learning, she is involved in delivering mandatory training to colleagues on a regular basis.  Trina regularly reports findings of outcomes to her Management team relating to her work.

Previous roles which Trina has held was offering care packages to vulnerable adults living in their own homes which included arrangement for meals, personal care, housework and shopping to ensure that the client is comfortable and safe.

Trina has also worked in nursing homes supporting clients with personal care and taking the time to listen to their life stories, encouraging them to be as independent as possible through to being with her client at the end of life until family members arrived.

Trina's life experience and educational knowledge brings many attributes to M&C where she has a down to earth approach and exerting her listening and reasoning skills on many occasions on M&C progress.  Her caring attitude means that she is willing to listen to others and help to provide solutions in a clam manner, which is a great asset for M&C.

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