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Whence metallurgists?

At a recent meeting with CHTA, Richard gave a presentation to the Management Committee and Training Subcommittee on M&C's Metallurgy Training and an overview on our non-financial 'Stakeholder'.

Read the full article here on Page 9 of CHTA's Hotline Newsletter 0 January 2020 Edition 

Metallurgy in the UK

Richard Brown's article in the Materials World magazine, 29 October 2018.

Qualifications in metallurgy are increasingly diminishing in the UK...

Read the full article here Metallurgy in the UK

Employer-College Partnerships - UKCME Report

Whilst Richard Brown was heading the Metallurgy Dept at Bradford College the UK Centre for Materials Education conducted a Case Study on the work-based mentor concept, work-based projects and how these benefited the student and their employer through the development of distance learning and learning in the workplace.

Read the full article here: Employer-College Partnerships: Developing a Materials Foundation Degree -

The UK Centre for Materials Education

University of Liverpool

Authors: Ian Taylor & Adam Mannis

May 2008

Industrial mentor training within metallurgy and the broader spectrum

CHTA - Hotline 160

Our article balances out the benefits and advantages to mentoring in the workplace.

M&C are offering a discount on the Industrial Mentor training programme if 2 students undertake our Metallurgy course at the same time.

To enquire email us at

Read the full article here on page 8: CHTA Hotline 160

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