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Bespoke Metallurgy Course

Bespoke Metallurgy Course

Metallurgy Bespoke Training Course

For consultation on developing a bespoke training package which is 'fit for purpose' for your company's and employees' metallurgical needs, we will:

  • Investigate your company's metallurgical requirements to develop a personalised approach and create a metallurgical training strategy.

  • Understand where your employee's development needs upskilling.

  • Visit your company to assist in building a portfolio of training needs to benefit both your employee and you as the employer.

  • Collate training requirements to identify employee existing skillset and knowledge, to understand where the lack of theoretical or practical metallurgy stands.

  • Create a training plan from the the results obtained and suggest the areas of metallurgical training required.

  • Identify if there is a common ground to start a group of individuals at the same point, depending on their existing knowledge.

  • Deliver the training via a mixture of live web-training and face to face lectures, depending on the location.

Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist with experience and practical knowledge within the industrial sector. He has transferred his Metallurgist workplace knowledge, application and experience skillset to become an Educationalist.

His passion is in metallography failure investigation and metallurgical examinations, supporting and providing outcomes for internal and external customers.

Course Cost and Duration

  • There will be a consultation fee for visiting your premises, the course training needs discussion,  and create a training package - this cost will be individually priced.

  • To deliver a bespoke training course - cost will be individually priced.

  • Duration of the course - this will be specific to the company's needs and the frequency of training.

Book A Call

Please click on the button below to arrange your 30 min call to discuss your thoughts of development training for your metallurgy staff.

The link will take you to a questionnaire, so we can establish your initial concept for developing a specific a training programme for your workforce.

This consultation is free of charge.

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