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Process of Solidification and its Relationship to Phase Diagrams

Process of Solidification and its Relationship to Phase Diagrams

Course Fee

£165 plus VAT (If applicable) per delegate. Payment is required 4 days before the start of the course.

Group discounts may be available - enquire at the time of booking

Cancellation Terms

up to 4 days before the event - 25% refund

3 days before and on the day of the event - no refund

Course Duration

Course Delivery

Course Certificate

2 hours

Online via Zoom

M&Cs CPD Certificate of Attendance

Key Learning Objectives

The course will cover:
- What are Electrons, FCC, BCC & CPH
- Why are Phase Diagrams important to metallurgists
- Formation changes of crystals
- Heating and cooling effects
- Analyse grain structure

Course Content

This course will help you to identify the rates of cooling in casting, how chemical composition effects structure and properties, formation of casting defects and the effects of heat treatment on castings.

And determine how the changes will effect the crystal formation and grains have on the metal and alloys?

You will understand how:

  • crystal formation is made up of atoms, molecules or ions to become a solid material. You will learn how these are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern, in three dimensions, and why the varying temperatures affects the composition;

  • the difference of atoms in grain structure affect metals;

  • phase diagrams are used to comprehend the behaviour of metal material;

  • what are the stages during the Solidification of metals;

  • the types of grain and size affects the cast structure;

  • what is classified as "equi-axed";

  • to understand equilibrium diagrams which illustrates melting or freezing points; and

  • dendrites appear in solid alloys.

The training will debate with the delegates on various aspects so you can gain more in depth knowledge by questions and answers during the duration of the course.

Who is the Course For?

Any engineers, technicians, mechanical testing, heat treatment technicians, those who work in casting or metallurgy industrial sectors, designers and for those who wish to upskill their knowledge of this vast subject.


To have an understanding of metallurgy


28 May 2024 at 12:30:00

18 June 2024 at 14:00:00

Your Tutor

Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Richard is the Managing Director and Principal Academic of M&C Educational Training Services Ltd., which is an organisation providing opportunities for the Manufacturing Engineering Industries with specific courses for the Metallurgy and Casting Sector.

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist who gained his experience and practical knowledge within the industry sector working in various areas: quality, process control, and working with production departments. In his management roles he has been involved in liaising with production, inspection and quality control with the responsibility for production costs together with staff management of metallurgical technicians and metallurgists in the research and commercial environment.

30 May 2024 at 17:00:00

26 June 2024 at 08:00:00


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