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Ductility, Brittleness and Toughness


£700 Plus VAT per delegate

Group discounts may be available upon request


1 Day - approx. 5 hrs

Date & Time

23 July 2024 at 07:45:00

Course Venue

Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills,
(Springfield Hub),
University of Wolverhampton,
Springfield Campus
Wolverhampton WV10 0JR - (Car Park access off Grimstone Street)

Possible Funding

Please check out the link below for possible funding for courses from the Foundry Training Trust

About the Course

There will be a presentation on this subject covering the subjects in the web-training we will be reviewing the key features:

  • Cup and Cone (Ductile)

  • Brittle (perpendicular fracture)

  • Toughness

  • Links to Physical Metallurgy

  • Inter and trans granular fractures

  • Forces - engineering, stress and strain

This course will identify why specification and standards are important for identifying the metallurgical investigation process.

You will also participate in the following practical investigates and group activities:

  1. Understanding the importance of record keeping, visual inspections and macro surface investigations.

    1. You will use a low powered hand lens to carry out these inspections and group discussions on your findings.

  2. Visual and Macro - Fracture and Macro Surfaces

    1. You will investigate a sample of replica carbon fibre to identify fractures.

    2. You will investigate three square macro section bars which have an internal defect.

    3. As a team, you will identify the problem, why it has occurred and provide possible solutions.

  3. Macro and Micro Examinations

    1. You will use a metallurgical microscope, laptop and camera to review:

      1. Macro @ 50 x 100

      2. Micro @ 500 x 1300

    2. Review micro sections with slag inclusion on wrought iron x 29 and carbon steel x 34


This course highlights the benefit of working together, considering others' viewpoints to come to a conclusion.

You will benefit from having the educational theory coupled with practical work to demonstrate your understanding.

Through group practical investigations you will develop your own skills to communicate and be more "open-minded" to listen to others' views on their investigations.

You will make your conclusions based on your listening skills, the actual facts of your investigations and the data collected and learn not to rely on your feelings or opinions.

Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME


Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist with experience and practical knowledge within the industrial sector. He has transferred his Metallurgist workplace knowledge, application and experience skillset to become an Educationalist.

His passion is in metallurgical failure investigation and metallurgical examinations, supporting and providing outcomes for internal and external customers.

Who is this course for?

You should have knowledge of metallurgy and be working in this industry.

Individuals who have limited experience but would like to investigate the "how and why".
For those who would like to take bite-size temps to further their career on the theory and practice.
Metallurgists and technical staff in the manufacturing engineering sector
Design, mechanical or production engineers
Metallurgical or casting technical staff
For those who work in the NDT sector
Heat treatment engineers
Technical customer support staff
Individuals who require to have knowledge of metallurgical solutions
Individuals who would like to develop their knowledge of metallurgical awareness on structure, properties and the reasons of failure to develop a process and control.

Cancellation Terms

7 working days before the event - 25% refund
4 working days before and on the day of the event - no refund


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