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Is the lack of Metallurgy & Casting training courses holding your career back?

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

M&C provide CPD training (Continuing Professional Development) for the manufacturing engineering industries relating to Metallurgy and Casting.

As we see the traditional establishments reducing their offer of part-time metallurgy courses in the UK for engineers working within the industry, we will continue where they have left this gap. M&C are committed to providing educational UK metallurgy courses through various stages of an engineer's career path via part-time, on-line training.

CPD training is a necessity to improve and develop existing knowledge to provide job fulfilment, to becoming more confident, increasing specialist skills to further your career progression through your company (M&C's course modules are approved by IOM3 for CPD training).

It also helps your company to provide higher standards and retain the engineers they have by developing your career and be known as a company to entice new, younger engineers, to the industry with progression prospects.

We provide the educational knowledge; the fundamentals for understanding metal structure, phase diagrams, heat treatment etc., which you will need for your career advancement.

Our Academics will explain to you how all this fits together and help you, along with your Industrial Mentor, to develop a work-based project, relating to your studies and your workplace, which will further enhance your learning and understanding.

To help you become better equipped with comprehending metal compositions through to what causes failures, we have engaged some of the well-respected and experienced Academics who have created and will deliver the course modules in a "blended learning" environment.

Even though the modules are delivered on-line, your Academic will ensure you are working to schedule and you will be expected to meet with them via video conferencing. Each module takes 15 weeks to complete or our Bite-Size Options are just 4 weeks.

Our unique approach is providing a "personal touch" to you, our student, understanding where you are right now in your career and your aspirations. We can then map out what educational training you require to obtain your ultimate goal, whether you are taking a full module or just wanting to study the Bite-Size Options.

If you are looking to develop your career or perhaps your employee's career, take a look at our module programmes on our website. If a full module is not what you want right now, then take a look at our Bite-Size Options

Contact us via our email for more information.

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