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Metallurgical Investigation and Failure Analysis In Person Lecture

During this lecture there will be an opportunity for you to have hands-on experience, investigating some of the above 19 stage sequences on actual sample material.

Duration of the course
Price per delegate

1 Day - approx. 5 hrs

TBA plus 20% VAT



Payment is required 10 days before the event.

Group discounts may be available - enquire when registering for the lecture


About the Course

The first part of this lecture will be to present the online web training presentation to the delegates on the theory of the 19 stages of metallurgical investigation techniques that can be undertaken to analyse failure in metal and alloys.

The 19 stages will include:

  1. Collection of background data

  2. Selection of samples

  3. Preliminary examination of the failed part(s)

  4. Chemical composition

  5. Non-destructive testing

  6. Plan of action

  7. Consolidation of Benchmark Standards and Data

  8. Visual examination

  9. Fracture examination

  10. SEM

  11. Hardness tests

  12. Macroscopic examination

  13. Lonitudinal or Transverse Macro

  14. Microscopic examination

  15. SEM

  16. Stress analysis

  17. Mechanical Testing

  18. Chemical analysis

  19. Testing under simulated service conditions

During your investigations you will produce facts, data, and the objective outcomes rather than relying on opinions and feelings.

You will carry out investigative tasks:

Activity 1 - Record Keeping and develop a process route

Activity 2 - Macro examination of acutal sample material

Activity 3 - Investigation on actual mechanical test samples

Activity 4 - Introduction to Metallography

This practical examination will reinforce the digital images from the presentation and provide stimulating disscusions and debates through question and answers from your findings for you to gain maximum benfit and understanding of metallurgical investigation and failure analysis.

Students in the auditorium


You will return to your workplace with an increased knowledge of how to conduct metallurgical investigations and failure analysis.

You will understand what types of investigation techniques are available and how these may be used in the industrial sector that uses metallurgy.

These 19 stages will highlight the importance of record keeping, chemical analysis, visual macro and micro examinations and how theory and practical characteristics are used to conduct investigations.

You will understand what visual investigations you should consider when inspecting failure of the end product before conducting the full investigation.

Who is this course for?

To attend this course, you will ideally have an understanding and knowledge of metallurgical aspects of metals and alloys and understand the importance of why it is imperative to have a structure in place to undertake a metallurgical investigation and failure analysis procedure.


All of the information collected in the Booking Form and Registration Form is necessary and relevant to the course you are registering for.

This lecture is delivered by M&C and by enrolling on this event, you are agreeing to share your date with the ECMS.

Your Lecturer
Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist with experience and practical knowledge within the industrial sector. He has transferred his Metallurgist workplace knowledge, application and experience skillset to become an Educationalist.

His passion is in the metallurgical failure investigation and metallurgical examinations, supporting and providing outcomes for internal and external customers.

Cancellation Terms

4 days before the event - 25% refund
3 days before and on the day of the event - no refund

Possible Funding
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