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Practical Metallography 3-Day Workshop (CPD)

About the Course

Testimonial from one of our current students who attended:

27th and 28th January and 18th February 2022.

"Overall, the course was highly enjoyable, and I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in metallurgy and would like to know the practical techniques used to analyze metallic materials. I think anyone with an engineering background who is curious about different material structures would also benefit from attending the course."

Rahul Wadher



What you will learn from this course will be transferrable into your workplace as the third day is "bring your own sample material" building on what you have learnt from the first two days.

Project Aim: Over this 3-day course you will take back to your workplace Metallography skillset to aid your metallurgical knowledge and practical application skills from Day 1 through to Day 3.

You will:

  • Undertake practical investigations, using established metallurgical investigation techniques on metals and their alloys and identify the modes of failure and "fit for purpose" agenda.

  • Evaluate the theory and conduct visual examinations, building up evidence and record keeping, photographs, measurements, along with the use of NDT and hardness testing.

  • Demonstrate how to investigate a fracture examination with identification of key features.

  • Apply your skills to conduct macro and micro examinations, using a range of metallographic techniques, including preparation of macro and micro sections, undertaking individual and group work/activities.

  • Distinguish the different process routes to examine metals and alloys used in manufacturing engineering and how this effects Metallography.

  • Identify, select and bring your own approved sample(s) in order to undertake your own Metallurgical investigation and Metallographic analysis of your own sample material to determine its "fit for purpose" application or likely modes of failure in production.

Key Learning Objectives

Course Objective: You will examine sample metals to evaluate the performance under different conditions.

  • Improve your practical skills to evaluate various metal investigation techniques.

  • use the metallurgical lab's equipment to collate your evidence.

  • Review and categorise various metals.

  • Carry out macro and micro examinations using various techniques.

  • Carry out examinations and analyse your recorded findings.

  • Compile a Short Technical Report identifying the failures from your record keeping and data collection findings.

  • Analyse the findings and report on the conclusion and recommendations.

  • Prepare a short verbal presentation on your findings and recommendations.

On Day 3 there will be an opportunity for you to bring with you previously agreed sample(s) metal(s) from your own workplace for you to examine its "fit for purpose" application.

  • Between the 2nd Day and the 3rd Day there will be small activities to undertake with a couple of conversations with your trainer regarding your selection process identifying relevant sample material to analyse on Day 3.

Day 1 

  • Equipment, metal and alloy sample demonstration

  • Q&A's

  • Visual Examination, record keeping and data collection

  • Hardness testing

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Fracture

  • Macro examinations

  • Unetched and etched conditions

  • Q&A's

End of Day 1

Day 2

  • Team discussions/team working

  • Macro/micro examinations and Q&A

  • Preparation for Day 3

  • Practical Metallography Mini Work-Base Project (PMMWBP) on own sample material

  • Q&A

End of Day 2

Two Week Gap Activity

  • Week 1 - Conference call discussions with the Tutor regarding the PMMWBP and your sample considerations.

  • Week 2 - Providing outline brief of the PMMWMP before Day 3 for feedback

Day 3

  • Team discussions on your investigation methods

  • Present to the group your considered action plan

  • Practical Metallography Investigations

  • Give a verbal presentation to the group

  • Group discussions

  • Lessons learned

End of Day 3

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Your Tutor

Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Richard is one of the founding members of M&C Educational Training Services Ltd., which is a private organisation providing educational training opportunities for the Manufacturing Engineering Industries' workforce through learning programmes for those working with metals.

Richard is an innovative, experienced and versatile Metallurgist with experience and practical knowledge within the individual sector. He has transferred his Metallurgist workplace knowledge, application and experience skillset to become an Educationalist.

His passion is in metallurgical failure investigation and metallurgical examinations, supporting and providing outcomes for internal and external customers.

Richard SA Brown BEd, CertEd, MIMMM, Fellow ICME

Course Duration

Approx. 21 Hours over 3 days

Course Price Per Delegate

£1,200 plus VAT per delegate

You will be invoiced for the full amount and payment will be required 20 days before the start of the first day of the course.

Course Certification

The certification will be for a 3-Day Practical Metallography Workshop of 21 hours Continuing Professional Development course (CPD). This certificate will be emailed to all attendees who attend the entire Workshop Session and complete M&Cs online Web-Training Feedback form.

Course Venue

Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS)
University of Wolverhampton
Springfield Campus
Cambridge Street
WV10 0JR

Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS)

We will ben holding our Workshop events at the premises of ECMS's Laboratory.

ECMS is part of the University of Wolverhampton who have secured funding from the Black Country LEP/Midlands Engine via the Black Country Growth Deal Fund to invest in contributing to the development of skills and training in the region and beyond.

ECMS has been formed to deliver its business support services and to comply with its contractual obligations to collect limited and specified personal information from M&C's learners in exchange for providing their facilities and equipment to facilitate M&C's training requirements so ECMS can provide the outputs to their funding providers.

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ECMS Privacy Notice Link


All of the information collected in the Booking Form and Registration Form is necessary and relevant to the performance of the course you are registering for. We will use the information provided by you for registration with M&C and ECMS for health and safety purposes only. Both organisations will treat all personal information with the utmost confidentiality and in line with current data protection legislation.

M&C Privacy Notice Link


To have knowledge of metallurgy.


Please book your interest to attend and we will forward a Registration Form which will include some personal details together with payment details.

By enrolling on this course some of your data will be shared with the ECMS who are required to collect learner information as part of their reporting process, to comply with its funding obligations as part of their reporting process, to better understand its community so that it can meet the needs of clients with a view to continually improving services. Further information is contained in the ECMS Privacy Notice and a hard copy of which can be accessed via the ECMS Office tel 01902 321678 or via An electronic copy of the ECMS Policy Notice can be accessed at

Day 1 - Workshop Date

4th May 2022

Day 2 - Workshop Date

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation before the first day of the course:

15 working days before - 50% refund
10 - 3 working days - 25% refund
72 hours - No refund

5th May 2022

Day 3 - Workshop Date

26th May 2022

Practical Metallography 3-Day Workshop (CPD)


£1,200 plus VAT per delegate

You will be invoiced for the full amount and payment will be required 20 days before the start of the first day of the course.


Approx. 21 Hours over 3 days

Potential Course Funding

Student funding for up 50% of the course, costs may be available from Foundry Training Trust.

Here is a link to their website for further information: Foundry Training Trust